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Imagine attending a concert with 100 people…

Everyone is enjoying the sounds of a loud party while wearing wireless headphones. At the same time not bothering a single neighbor within earshot…
Perfect for the largest festivals and even the most intimate backyard weddings!

Turn it up. Anywhere.

No need to worry about noise ordinances!
Take the music to the masses in any place you can imagine. Museums, aquariums, zoos, public parks are totally fair game!

Save your voice.

Now you don’t have to worry about yelling over loudspeakers anymore. Want to carry on a conversation? Slide your headphones off or turn down the volume to chat with your friends.

It’s a battle of the DJ’s!

Three frequencies gives your audience the freedom of choosing the music genre they prefer the most.

Staffing and Logistics
Silent Discos are pretty straightforward in terms of being able to manage.
In most cases, the venue should have one entrance and one exit. A fenced off the field, hotel ballroom or even your living room would suffice.
The audience will receive a pair of headphones when they enter and they will return them when they leave.
Plus, having our certified Premier ‘Disco Tech’ on site to pass out the headphones, troubleshoot and collect them at the end of the event will ensure that the party runs smooth!

Distribution Tips
Here are some ways to ensure the headsets are returned safely:
Ask for their driver’s license at the door and associate that with the headset they borrowed. Return the ID when the headset is returned.
Money Deposit
You can decide on any amount, but typically $10 is sufficient enough for them to make the effort to return the headset.
In most cases, a handshake will do just fine, especially in smaller crowd events. The DJ will remind the attendees to return the equipment at the end of the event.


What is the wireless transmission range?
Most people can keep the party going within a 300-400 foot radius.

How long do the batteries last?
Headset batteries, when fully charged, can go for 6-8 hours.

What happens if a headset is stolen or damaged?
We have a set fee of $60 for headset replacement and $20 for any damaged headsets.

For more information and additional features that can enhance your party including:

LED Dance Floors
Photo Booths
Customized Monograms
LED Uplighting

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